Uruguay’s Centers of Citizen Attention

In the Oriental Republic, it’s difficult to disentangle public and national, because so much of what it means to be Uruguayan in the social imaginary revolves around ministries and the state-run entes autonomous and organismos decentralizados which provide monopolies or near monopolies on services such as water (OSE), and telecommunications (Antel). When I first came to… Read More Uruguay’s Centers of Citizen Attention

Music of the Uruguay/Brazil Borderlands

  Here is a playlist compiled from my book chapter “‘Vamos al Freeshop’: The Uruguay Brazil-Continuum”. The songs are intimately of and about life along the fronte(i)ra (border) between Uruguay and the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, dealing with everything from contraband to linguistic rights to ranching. Tracks 1 and 2 are about the border… Read More Music of the Uruguay/Brazil Borderlands