Viñoly on Uruguayan Bureaucracy and Idleness

In my lifetime, architect Rafael Viñoly has designed as many buildings on the University of Chicago campus (Booth and Medical Center) as he has in his native Uruguay. Name any major city in Europe, North America, Japan and the Gulf, and his work has likely taken him there. Yet in Uruguay, his achievements and genius are overlooked, not held up as an inspiration for the next generation of Uruguayan youth. Here Viñoly discusses the limitations of Uruguay’s obsession with bureaucracy, and the comfort of immobility. Whether or not you like his buildings, this is worth a read. Much of what he describes are the very joys and difficulties I faced throughout 2014. An attitude of “getting things done” is absent amidst afternoon naps and evenings sipping mate and chatting with friends and family, where not doing is easier than doing, where looking back is easier than looking forward, and where letting things come to you is easier than going out and getting them. An eternal siesta may be oh so comfortable, but is it sustainable?


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